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Casting Material Co., Ltd. Weifang Ruixing

Address: Economic Development Zone, Weifang City takeoff Weicheng first northbound



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  Casting Material Co., Ltd. Weifang Ruixing - famous the world is located in the beautiful kite capital - Weifang, is specialized in casting materials research, development and production of specialized companies.

  Now large enterprises at home and abroad advanced technology and scientific research institutions in the province together, high-quality quartz quartz, domestic science preparation, add high-quality high-temperature sintering agent, mineralizing agent, the production of high refractoriness, corrosion degree, multifunction IF furnace, dry ramming lining, lining repair materials, but also the production and processing of neutral and alkaline lining ramming, domestic foundry enterprises of praise.

  Burden than imports, significantly reduce production costs, improve economic efficiency, the company also produces electric furnace building machine specially formulated to enhance the quality of brickwork, save labor and improve the production site environment.

  Companies with green casting, casting harmony for the purpose of science and technology as the guide to quality services to survive, to inexpensive high-quality development of the concept, together with colleagues and friends cast a brilliant future!

  The company has products: dry ramming (acid alkaline), mouth material, clay coils, tundish castable refractory tundish

  Cream coating, boric acid (import), fine quartz sand, special asbestos cloth, glass cloth, water glass, electric furnace building machines, Aisha Bei thermometer, ferrosilicon, ferromanganese, ball agent, silicon barium calcium inoculant , silicon particles, combined fat, cover agent, polyethylene slag agent, carbon agent, desulfurizer, efficient coal, high carbon graphite, flake graphite, filters, adhesives, ice cream, modeling tools.

  Our main products: composite acidic dry ramming series, composite neutral tundish ramming series, energy efficient polyethylene slag covering

  Agent, humectant series, three series of a dozen leading products and auxiliary materials such as cast dozens of products and auxiliary materials such as cast dozens of products to choose from.


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