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F importance desulfurization catalyst charge of decyanation

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In our modern chemical industry, the catalyst occupies a very important position, almost more than half of chemical products in the production process requires the use of a catalyst. The catalyst is generally selective, it can only make one type of reaction or a reaction accelerated.


In high school chemistry, will involve cyanide desulfurization catalyst problem, but currently the modern chemical industry are also moving in the direction of materials and new energy development, which also determines the desulfurization catalyst role becomes increasingly cyanide great.

Catalyst from the application point of view, we've divided into two categories catalyst: a catalyst to accelerate the chemical reaction so called positive catalysts; leaving the slower chemical reaction catalyst, the catalyst is called negative.

Cyanide is widely used in desulfurization catalyst containing low-sulfur and low-viscosity liquid gas desulfurization and deodorant, for hydrogenation sweetening gasoline, liquefied petroleum gas desulfurization process effect is obvious, has also been used in the industrial production of waste water, waste gas the purification process of the deodorizing.


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